Currently there are approximately 7.53 billion people living with an estimation of 100 billion people that have lived on this planet we call earth.


Genealogy has become a fascinating endeavour for many people. This has opened a unique niche in the research world with an overwhelming demand for genealogists in traditional genealogy as well as specialized genealogical areas. What sets us apart? Passion, experience, education, and specialization in repatriation. Our objective is to help our clients complete their piece of the puzzle of humanity. We find great fulfillment in identifying those lost souls who have already been identified but not yet reunited with their families.

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Makanja Research exists to seek out ancestors and descendants to complete the puzzle of humanity. Every life will be researched and analyzed with professionalism, thoroughness, compassion, and a quality of excellence. This will be accomplished through thorough research and analysis, ongoing education, and technology while respectfully treating every individual as part of the Makanja Family.

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Looking for a long-lost relative? Are you unsure whether or not Uncle Bob actually served in the military during World War II? Did Uncle Richard actually head West to become a gold miner? Aunt Sarah has died but no one knows whether to find her long lost daughter Camille? Private John Smith’s remains have been confirmed, but which Richard Smith was his father?

Will your team be learning about family history for this year’s team building and you need a presenter to build excitement and teach your team the basics? Does the Genealogy Club at your local high school need a mentor?

Have you gathered your family history and now need someone to put it in order to be published into your family’s history?

Makanja Research can help will all of these things and more.